Welcome, my name is Lee Gustin, it’s nice to meet you!

I’m married to my beautiful muse Jaclyn Gustin (who you’ll see sprinkled throughout the site). She inspires meTo always keep shooting, captivates meShe takes my breathe away, and keeps me youngI’ve known her since preschool.

Listening to music while I do work is something that has always been part of my design process. Music helps me concentrate and inspires me to create great designs.

Coming from a small town, I learned how to appreciate long bike-rides, playing tag, & close friends & family. I enjoy putting that personal love that I learned as a child into my designs.

As a kid I loved LEGO™’s, Lincoln Logs, K’nex, & sketching (I used to make up my own superheros). I have evolved into using pixels and ink, and having an overall appreciation of all art forms and their processes.